Step-by step guide to selling a home

Selling your home can be an emotional endeavor.  You have lived in your home, made memories, and possible raised a family.  All these memories make you who you are.  Lakeside Realty Group understands these dynamics.  Our agents will walk you through the selling process with great patience.  After all, it’s what we love to do!

Marketing Consultation

In order to give you an accurate price on your home, we will need to stop by and take the grand tour! Before we come to your home we have done no less that 4 – 8 hours of research on your property. As you walk us through your home, we will take notes along the way and go over some details with you. This step can take up to an hour or more depending on the square footage of your home and other factors.

Market Price

Did you know if you price your home too high, statics show that you will end up selling it below market value? And if you undervalue your home, you will leave money on the table. Pricing is crucial. The first 30 days are critical. The right price is key! Lakeside Realty Group agents know Lake Conroe and the surrounding areas. We are “in the market” everyday and can guide you.

Market Preparation

Before you put your home on the market, you'll want to spruce it up to make your home more appealing to buyers. One easy and completely free way to make your home more inviting is to simply declutter. Fresh paint does wonders as well! We will also leave you with action items to work on, but we will not leave you to wonder alone! We want your home to look its best to maximize its selling potential.

Marketing your home

We use a professional photographer to capture your home at its best. There are many ways to market a home but it is not always a “one size fits all.” We will take your photos and market your home on the MLS, by word of mouth and if an open house is needed, we will do that as well. Some say that an open house doesn’t sell a home, but that is not true. Houses can and do sell at open houses. We have other methods as well. Some are flyers, facebook ads, Instagram ads, aerial photography, and even videos.


Once you have accepted an offer on your home, the buyer will have a local Lake Conroe professional inspector come to your home and examine the home from top to bottom. This time period can be stressful for the buyer and the seller. Inspectors are hired to find things that need attention. Your Lakeside Realty Group agent will be your advocate in communicating with the buyer’s agent about the buyer’s desires and apprehensions.


Your home will most likely have a professional appraisal ordered by the buyers Lender. This step can take up to two weeks and can slow down the process if not submitted at the proper time. It is imperative that the buyer’s Lender is on top of their game to keep the transaction moving forward. Lakeside Realty Group will make sure this is ordered so that there are no delays. If there is not a survey on the property, a survey team will also come to the home before closing.

Prepare to move

“Clear to Close!!” These are the 3 words every home seller desires to hear! Once the buyer has the Clear to Close, Lakeside Realty will schedule the closing with the title company that fits your timing. Your agent will meet you at the title company to make sure things run smoothly. After both the seller and the buyer sign all of the necessary documents, the mortgage company approves the paperwork one last time. Upon final approval you will be “closed” and the bank will “fund” the loan. Get the boxes loaded, its time to move!!