Step by Step Guide
to Buying a Home
Let us walk you through the home buying process
There are about 180 tasks a Real Estate Professional will do on any given transaction.
Here are the highlights:


Preapproval: Buying a home can be a confusing process to navigate alone. However, as Lakeside Real Estate Agents we help people like you do it on a daily basis and can walk you through the entire journey from start to finish. We are here to make the home buying process as smooth and enjoyable as possible! The first step for you, is to reach out to a Lakeside Realty Group agent (that’s us!) as we can get you going in the right direction. We work with several mortgage lenders in the area that can get you preapproved for a home loan. Why is this the first step? This will tell us what kind of home loan you qualify for and more importantly, the price you can afford!! You can choose your own mortgage lender or contact us for local recommendations.*

Property Search

Property Search: In a fast moving market, you want to be ahead of the game! To win, you need to be one of the 1st to see what’s coming on the market. We have the tools and expertise to put only the homes that fit your criteria into your inbox INSTANTLY when they hit the market. We will schedule showings of your favorite homes and provide you the market data to make an informed decision. On average, most buyers find their home after seeing between 10 and 20 homes, but this all depends on the buyer’s particular needs and what is currently on the market.

Presenting an Offer

Presenting an Offer: Your next step is picking the home that you love and using our market data and expertise to make the right offer. Don’t worry, we will do all paperwork for you. We will walk you through, step by step, the 10+ points of negotiations so you can stay in the know! What happens once an offer is submitted will depend on the seller and the level of interest there has been on the property. Negotiating terms with the seller can be quick or can take some time, but we will be right beside you regardless.


Players: Once you have a fully executed contract, there are several action items that will happen simultaneously. Don’t worry! We will walk you through it. There will be several people involved in the transaction, some of whom you will never meet or talk to (it’s our job to relay information). It is very important to choose the right “players” (lenders, inspectors, surveyors, etc.) as contracts are time sensitive.

Property Inspection

Property Inspection: One of the items that will happen after you have your home under contract will be a general property inspection. The type of inspections needed will depend on the home you choose. Inspections may include septic, bulkhead, pool, roof, etc… You may choose your own inspectors or Lakeside Realty Group can refer reputable companies.*


Paperwork: During your “option period,” (this is the time period after your offer is accepted), you will be getting together all of your paperwork for the lender. It is very important that these items are given to your lender in a timely manner.

Property Appraisal and Survey

Property Appraisal and Survey: The property you choose will most likely have a professional appraisal ordered by your Lender. This step can take up to two weeks and can slow down the process if not submitted at the proper time. It is imperative to have a Lender that is on top of their game to keep the transaction moving forward. Lakeside Realty Group will make sure this is ordered so that there are no delays. If there is not a survey on the property, this will be ordered at this time as well.

Prepare to move

Prepare to move: “Clear to Close!!” These are the 3 words every home buyer desires to hear! This is the beginning of your American Dream! Once you have the Clear to Close, Lakeside Realty will schedule the closing with the title company that fits your timing. Your agent will meet you at the title company to make sure things run smoothly. After both the seller and the buyer sign all of the necessary documents, the mortgage company approves the paperwork one last time. Upon final approval you will be “closed” and the bank will “fund” the loan. You have worked hard for your dream home and it is time to begin enjoying the fruit of your labor! Get the boxes, its time to move!!

*We do not receive any kickbacks from any company we may refer you to.